Have Your Say 2019


Welcome to the Have Your Say Survey 2019!

The purpose of this survey is to understand what you think about NorthTec as a place to work and for you to provide feedback for improvement. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire, your open and honest feedback is appreciated.


This survey is being conducted by SIL, the same external provider that undertakes student surveys on the behalf of NorthTec. Your answers and any comments you make will be treated with the strictest confidentially and none of your response will be attributed to you. 

The questions asked in this year’s survey about you is the same as last year and are restricted to the department you work within, the nature of your role and how long you have worked at NorthTec. This is to provide additional reassurance that you cannot be identified by the responses you provide whilst at the same time allowing us to understand if there are different opinions across different groups of staff in the organisation. If you do not answer any of these questions your responses will still be counted but will be reported as ‘Other’.

Please note – answers to open-ended questions in the survey are reported exactly as you type them. Please keep this in mind when responding to these questions.


The Questionnaire

The questionnaire is structured around 13 sections: 

  1. Common Purpose 

  2. Quality and Performance Focus 

  3. Communication and Cooperation 

  4. Wellbeing 

  5. The Person I Report To 

  6. My Team 

  7. My Job 

  8. Learning and Development 

  9. Performance and Feedback 

  10. Reward and Recognition 

  11. Overall Perceptions 

  12. Taking Action 

  13. Final Thoughts

There is also an opportunity to add comments and suggestions for improvement at the end of the questionnaire.

Your Responses

Each question is phrased as a statement. Think about the statement, then indicate on the response scale the extent to which you agree with the statement. If you have no opinion on the question, please leave the 'Do Not Know' response checked.

We encourage you to go with your gut instinct when answering the questions and not to over-analyse them.

Completing the Questionnaire

Please complete the questionnaire in one sitting. If you begin the questionnaire, leave it, then come back later it may have timed out, and you will have to start again. Once you press the 'Submit Responses' button at the end of the questionnaire, your responses will be saved and you will not be able to make any further amendments.

Please complete by Sunday 1st September.

Thank you for your time. A pdf of FAQ's is available here

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