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Local and Central Government Research

Welcome to SIL Research - Your partner for understanding social change in New Zealand. We focus on the continuous evolution within societies, recognising that no society remains the same. Change is inevitable, driven by human interactions, transforming cultural and social institutions over time. These changes may be gradual, but they invariably have profound and long-lasting implications for society.

We utilise our well-designed research methods to detect and monitor these social changes as they emerge. By providing a clear understanding of the changes happening within your community, we equip you with the knowledge to anticipate, mitigate or foster transformation. We understand the importance of public engagement, and that's why we make it a core part of our research process.

Social research isn't just about understanding; it's about improvement. With this belief, we work closely with various Local and Central Government bodies to provide insights that inform policy-making and long-term planning. We've designed numerous research projects and guidelines that serve dual purposes: enhancing understanding and fostering improvement.

One of our key projects includes the Social Monitor, a tool to inform Councils’ processes of formulating policies and initiatives to enhance the social well-being of the community. We also conduct Residential Tracking Surveys to gauge community perceptions and satisfaction levels with services, communications, and management.

With SIL Research, you get more than data - you get insights that shape policies and strategies. Join us on the journey to better understand and improve the social landscape of New Zealand. Let's work together to make a meaningful difference to our communities. Contact us today to discuss your research needs.

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