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Stakeholder Research

Our 360 stakeholder consultation approach is a powerful tool for gaining a complete view of your organisation's performance, potential barriers, risks, and opportunities.

We help you see your organisation through the eyes of those who matter most - your stakeholders. We understand the importance of informed decision-making, which is why we focus on four key types of stakeholders - customers, suppliers, employees, and investors, while also taking into account regulators and any other relevant groups specific to your business.

You may ask, "Who is a stakeholder in research?" For us, the answer is broad and inclusive.


Stakeholders can be anyone affected by or having a vested interest in your organisation, ranging from your customers and suppliers to your employees and investors, as well as regulators and other groups identified prior to the research. These are the people who can either influence or be influenced by your organisation's actions and decisions.

Our 360 stakeholder consultation approach is a proven tool for gaining comprehensive insights about your organisation's performance, identifying potential barriers and risks, and uncovering opportunities. This method involves seeking feedback from all your stakeholders via surveys, focus groups, and interviews. But how do we conduct this research? It's a meticulous process that starts with stakeholder identification, continues with collecting and analysing their feedback, and concludes with actionable recommendations tailored to your unique business context.

Our experienced team of researchers at SIL Research is adept at navigating the complex web of stakeholder relationships. They work with you to develop strategies that address stakeholders' concerns, maximise your organisation's potential, and deliver results. This approach has been successfully implemented across a variety of industries, demonstrating our adaptability and proficiency.

At SIL Research, we believe that understanding the needs and perspectives of your main stakeholders is key to improving your organisation's performance and developing effective strategies. We're here to help you make the right decisions for your business with our proven research methodology.

Let's talk about your research needs and find out how we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to take the first step in unlocking your organisation's true potential. Discover the power of informed decision-making through stakeholder research. Embrace the 360-degree view with SIL Research!

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