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Education Research

Welcome to SIL Research, where we ensure the voices of students, educators, and employers are heard and acted upon. Our experience in New Zealand's tertiary education sector allows us to deliver critical insights that foster improvement and innovation.

  1. Student Satisfaction Surveys: We measure student satisfaction across various aspects of their tertiary experience. Our comprehensive surveys capture data on course content, campus facilities, support services, and more, paving the way for enhanced student experiences.

  2. Tertiary Sector Brand Research: Perception is powerful. Through our brand research, we help tertiary institutions understand how their brand is perceived by students, staff, and the wider community. Our findings drive strategic decisions for brand management and enhancement.

  3. Graduate Outcome Surveys: What happens after graduation? We conduct surveys tracking the career outcomes and satisfaction levels of tertiary graduates, providing valuable data for tertiary institutions to assess and improve their course offerings and career support.

  4. Student First Impressions Surveys: First impressions matter. We gauge new students' initial perceptions of their chosen institution, informing strategic decisions on enrolment processes, orientation programmes, and early-stage student support.

  5. Lecturer and Tutor Feedback Surveys: Our lecturer and tutor feedback surveys provide a platform for students to evaluate their educators. These insights help institutions support their teaching staff in maintaining high educational standards and fostering student engagement.

  6. Employer Satisfaction with Tertiary Graduates Surveys: How well are tertiary institutions preparing their students for the workforce? Our surveys collect employer feedback on the skills, knowledge, and work-readiness of graduates, enabling institutions to fine-tune their curriculum and career guidance services.

At SIL Research, we're committed to facilitating continuous improvement in the tertiary education sector. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can support your institution with our bespoke research services.

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