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Electricity Research

Welcome to SIL Research, where we delve into the dynamics of emerging technologies and their impact on sustainable business practices in New Zealand. As our world shifts towards greener strategies, new opportunities are becoming apparent within various sectors, opening exciting avenues for organisations and consumers alike.

Our research extends into the emerging realms of EV adoption, renewable energy alternatives, advancing infrastructure, and home power generation and storage. We track growth trends, like the impressive rise in EV registrations or the consistent increase in residential solar installations, to keep abreast of the changing landscape.

In partnership with New Zealand's power line companies, we probe into community perceptions about sustainability and their readiness to invest in emergent technologies. Through public opinion surveys, we aim to forecast the potential impact and benefits of these technologies, uncover opportunities, and highlight upcoming trends.

Our work doesn't stop there. We offer robust customer satisfaction surveys that inform sectors from local government to the energy industry about the quality of their services, facilities, and overall customer experience. We employ a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to identify areas of performance, as well as potential for improvement.

SIL Research - illuminating the path towards sustainable business practices through comprehensive market and social research. Reach out to us today to explore how we can help you navigate the evolving technological landscape.

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