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Representation Review

Elections for councils are held every three years.


This is when residents vote for mayors and councillors and, in some parts of New Zealand, for community board members. All councils are required to review their arrangements for representing their communities at least every six years.

We undertook a community survey on this matter in late 2023, including analysis to identify communities of interest in Napier. Council considered the community’s feedback and analysis and, based on this, we are now considering five potential options for Napier’s future City Council representation arrangements. We now want to know which one is your preferred option out of these five.

Your views are important to help provide fair and effective representation for individuals and communities.

Thank you for your interest in this survey, your opinion matters, we read every response.

The survey is anonymous, and you won't be personally identified in any feedback or results presented. SIL Research is a Napier based research company and member of the Research Association of New Zealand; we strictly adhere to industry privacy and confidentiality practices.

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